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Configure Streamyx

KUALA LUMPUR: Telekom Malaysia is offering its streamyx GradPack package, which targets college and university students, until Dec 31.

Subscribers will enjoy broadband service at a lower rate, as well as receive some free goodies, according to the telecommunications giant.

GradPack offers two Internet service packages � 384Kbps (kilobits per second) for RM50 a month or 1Mbps (megabit per second) for RM100 monthly.

The students who subscribe will get a free modem, and a streamyx Zone ID which grants them wireless access at more than 1,300 hotspots nationwide.

TM is also waiving its RM75 activation and RM88 installation fees for GradPack users.

Also, subscribers of the 1Mbps package will get access to music portal Hypptunes, video service HyppTV and the Rose Online Evolution massively multiplayer online role-playing game for three months.

In addition to that, they will get a TM�Manchester United special-edition T-shirt for free.

Students who want to subscribe to GradPack must present their student ID at any TMpoint, TMpoint Authorised Dealership (TAD) outlet, or TM authorised reseller nationwide.


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If you are suffering from your ADSL Net getting disconnected in 5 - 10 minutes after connecting and then nothing works then this is the solution for you. Many people suffer from the problem. After a few minutes of their connecting to Internet, a weird Win32 Service error shows up and then you can neither disconnect Internet nor can you reconnect it. All you can do is just restart the machine and then go through this process all over again and again.

Microsoft did provide patches for the same later but by then the problem was resolved by the experts. Also those people who do not have fast Internet cannot use those patches. So is there a solution for it without downloading the patches and just tweaking some settings in Windows XP. Fortunately the answer is yes. There are just 2 changes that you need to make. They are described in detail below:

First of all comes system security. So when you start Registry Editor (method is shown below) take a backup of the Registry as this is one of the core components of your Windows Installation. Backing up registry would help you to restore the changes you will make and would save you from a lot of headache later on. To create a backup of registry, navigate to File and click on Export. This will create a backup of your registry which can be restored again.

Click on Start button in the taskbar and navigate to Run. Type "regedit" without quotes in it and press enter. Now on the left panel, navigate to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Expand it and navigate to SYSTEM. Then navigate to CurrentControlSet. In it expand NetBT. Navigate to Parameters. Now in the right panel locate TransportBindName. Just double click it and delete the default value which currently is Devices.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --> System --> CurrentControlSet --> NetBT --> Parameters --> TransportBindName

Now navigate again to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. In it locate Softwares. Now go to Microsoft and expand it. Locate Ole in it. Now in the right panel just locate the value EnableDCOM. The default value in would be Y. Double click it and make the default value N. Now just close Registry Editor and restart the machine. Connect to Internet and voila the net now no longer gets disconnected.

You could also have changed the values of NetBIOS but generally changing the values of these two parameters would eliminate the problem for all. You would not be required to change those values.

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Letting Go After A Break Up

Letting go after a break up can be the most arduous part in a relationship, sometimes even torturous depending how long the relationship lasted. Putting time and effort into someone and then to see it all fall part is the primary explanation of why some people have such a difficult time letting go. In other circumstances, people are fearful of starting the dating process again, and want to dodge it at all costs.

Through my experiences, I have discovered that the only real way to let go is to give it time. Yes, it is brutal. Especially when thoughts of your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend arbitrarily pop into your mind like a bad song when you least expect it. You instantly start to feel the emptiness again and unfortunately, this leads to compulsive behavior. You get the urge to call your ex and tell them you miss them or check up on them. This is my friend, is the road to Dooms Ville.

First, you must comprehend that you broke up for a reason. If there hadn't been a dilemma, there wouldn't have been a breakup in the first place. Once you come to terms with that logic, you are one-step closer to letting go. Stop yourself from making that one text, or sending that email. If you were the "dumpee", you are only making yourself look desperate. It won't be the right time to start dating, but it is time to get out and start meeting new people. Your friends will ease the process of a break-up immensely. You might be thinking, "Well, what if my ex calls me?" In the case of the "dumpee", its okay to respond, but don't get your hopes up.

Typically, the only reason why the "dumper" is trying to make contact with you is to make sure you are miserable, while they are out hooking it up with other people. It's strange, but in most cases, the "dumper" feels that even though they broke up with you, you shouldn't be seeing other people. If your breakup was mutual you might have a chance of rekindling the relationship, but it's not always the case. Be aware of the situation. As the saying goes, "There are plenty of fish in the sea."

Life is short. Don't squander time crying over someone who is most likely not shedding a tear for you. There is always someone else waiting out there in the same boat as you. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this will never happen again. It's life. The more you date, the more breakups you will have, and the easier it will become to let go.

Nintendo Wii Consoles, Games, News, and Talk

Welcome to! On November 19th, 2006, the video game world was changed forever.

The Nintendo Wii was launched. Since the 1980's Nintendo has been revolutionizing the gaming industry. Now, with motion sensing technology, a library of classic games, and many new one's soon to be released, Nintendo is ready to do it again. Due to the overwhelming response, the Nintendo Wii has been elusive months after it has been released.

Now, that's changed! is your ultimate Wii store, news, and chat center. We have everything you can ever want for the Nintendo Wii. We have games, accessories, even the system, itself! WE waited and now WII is here! Order today!

Kandi Burruss, Ashley JewellUPDATE: Bravo has just released the following statement: "Our thoughts are with Kandi and A.J.'s family during this tragic time." Meanwhile, a rep for Buruss states that she and Jewell...

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Northern Ireland: opportunity to reduce drug-driving risks 20th August 2009

Concateno, Europes most experienced drug and alcohol testing provider, has called on Northern Irelands Department of the Environment to consider better approaches to drug driving enforcement.
The move comes following the Departments recent consultation on a revised drink driving limit. In its response to the consultation, Concateno recommended that any review of roadside enforcement of impairment through alcohol should also look at the related issue of drug driving.
We welcome this consultation as it opens the way for further evidence-based evaluation of the risks of driving having consumed alcohol,?said Graham Sievers, communications manager for Concateno. But it is also appropriate to consider how police can address the related problem of drug driving. Both alcohol and drugs are known to have impairing effects on driving ability and are currently covered by the same offence ?that of driving when impaired. If the objective is to create safer roads then it is important that the growing problem of drug driving is also given scrutiny.?
Drug driving is a recognised problem on Northern Irelands roads. In a Northern Ireland Executive press release of 29 May 2009, then Environment Minister Sammy Wilson said that research shows drug driving is a significant and persistent problem throughout Northern Ireland."
Concatenos recommendations
To address this challenge, Concateno has responded to the consultation with the following recommendations:
1. Routine drug and alcohol investigations in all traffic incidents where there are fatalities or injuries
2. Creation of a new zero tolerance?offence for driving with illicit drugs in the body
3. Creation of a legislative environment to allow police to use drug testing devices at the roadside
Why a change in the law is needed
Concateno has extensive experience in providing roadside drug testing solutions to various countries, including Australia, Croatia, Italy and Spain. Despite being a UK manufacturer, its technology is not used UK due to current law, which requires that any test must demonstrate that a driver is impaired. Sievers explains why this is a challenge:
One key difference between drugs and alcohol is that alcohol has been extensively researched and many countries have decided on minimum levels that could cause impairment. With drugs, there are a wider range of substances, far less research and ?particularly with illegal substances ?real practical difficulties in conducting that research. The secondary challenge is that even if one knew more about how a substance such as cocaine affects driving, will it ever be appropriate to set a safe?driving level?
Todays drug testing solutions can show that someone has taken drugs, but dont give an indicator as to how much they have taken, and how this has impaired their driving. This means that they dont offer the right level of evidence to help secure a conviction under UK law. For this reason, we believe that the only way to address drugs is to move from the need to test impairment ?as with todays law ?to an approach that measures whether someone has taken a drug at all. This zero tolerance approach is how other countries have addressed this challenge.
The Department of the Environments is now asking if law with regard to drink driving should be changed. It makes sense to use this exercise to also examine more practical measures to tackle drugs on our roads.?
Notes for editors:
Roadside drug testing technology
Concatenos UK-manufactured Cozart DDS is already in use in other countries and provides a fast and simple way to screen saliva samples for the presence of up to six drugs in a matter of minutes.
Drug testing and deterrence
Case studies from other countries have indicated that the adoption of roadside testing helps to raise awareness of drug driving as a problem and can act as a deterrent to actively reduce drug driving related injuries and deaths. In Australia, the use of roadside drug testing devices as part of an ongoing road safety initiative helped to reduce the number of drug drivers by almost half in four years .
Since Australias State of Victoria introduced random testing in December 2004, more than 84,500 tests were conducted, with one in 62 drivers caught drug driving, according to the Victorian Governments Transport Accident Commission .
For more information regarding Concateno, please contact:
Adrian Brophy or Carrie Lowe
Telephone: +44 (0)1962 893 893
Mobile: +44 (0)7590 572 405 / (0)7554 014 188
Email: /
An introduction to Concateno
Concateno is the largest and most experienced drug and alcohol testing provider in Europe: a service provider with the facilities and expertise to genuinely deliver test programmes to meet any requirement ?from point-of-care instant tests, through to state-of-the-art laboratory analysis for any biological specimen including urine, oral fluids, hair and sweat.
Concatenos 300 staff support more than 8,000 customers globally, and the group performs approximately eight million tests annually. An integrated network of more than 500 sample collection officers, trained in-house in chain-of-custody procedures, supports clients around the world.
Committed to the highest levels of accreditation and quality assurance, Concateno works actively within the industry to improve existing best practice. This includes ISO 17025 (independently audited by UKAS), ISO9001:2000, Link-Up, and ISO13485:2003. In addition, the company is subject to a range of external and internal quality assurance programmes.
Our strategy
Concatenos goal is to be the top provider of drug and alcohol testing services in the world, providing the best expertise and testing resources in the field. With our own best-in-class products and facilities that can supply across the whole range of test requirements, our strategy is driven by customer need rather than product benefit.
Concateno has committed significant investment to research and development. Our joint development agreement with Philips (a diversified health and wellbeing company) to develop a new

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Is Mobile Broadband Profitable?

The consensus opinion Tmtouch certainly that mobile broadband is not a profitable business (yet) in Western Europe (especially in countries like UK) where mobile broadband prices are trending lower than fixed broadband prices. I have always wanted to do a quantitative analysis.The analyst firm Informa claims thatfixed-line costs in Europe are near Eurocent 0.1-0.5 per

What are the best alternatives for finding the hard to find Nintendo Wii in stock? It seems to be quite hard these days to grab a Wii offline (Or online at a reasonable price [eBay]). Nintendo has been leading the market over Microsoft and Sony. What is all the fuss about, you may ask? Well, it is quite a pretty cool game concept. It also reaches beyond the hardcore game players. Kids and seniors too are finding the wii a better, easier, and healthier game option to other game systems.

It is so easy for anyone to pick up the Wii controller and within minutes master a game. No more x then o then xx then yyy then... well, you know. You are no longer tied to a game controller. You can get up and get right in the middle of all the action. With the Wii, you become an instant boxer, dancer, tennis star, or golfer.

Nintendo Wii has really provided a different game playing experience. You can get your kids active, exercising, and having a lot of fun at the same time. (They probably won't even know that they're having so much fun.) This is what's making the wii so popular and in demand. (Why aren't bikes and tennis rackets flying off the shelves, though?) The latest craze is all of the Wii sports games. It is a great way to start out and have fun. With all of this being said, it is no wonder that the Wii is in such a high demand.

It seems you go my internet business store to store only to find out that they are out of stock. How can you possibly get your hands on a Nintendo Wii?

- A great idea is to get a Nintendo Wii online. At the time of this writing, there were 55,000 products under the keyword 'wii' on eBay. Also, check major retailers like Amazon and BestBuy online.

- Online purchasing is safe and secure. You have heard stories of thieves watching you purchase something, follow you home, and steal it from you. Tmnetcom you buy it online, you won't have to worry about all of that (especially if you pay with PayPal)

- You also can visit multiple online retailers in the time it would take you to check one store. (Also, you save gas.) And, they now have Wii trackers, so you can see where and Broadband Tv Package they're in stock.) It appears the best option to finding your Nintendo Wii in stock is to search and buy one.

It is best to go ahead and do so now and not wait until the last minute and scramble to find one. Prepare now so that you won't be empty handed and can get in on all the fun. Happy shopping!

Jesse lives in Seattle, and enjoys gaming and creating music. Check out his blog for more information and links for purchasing the Nintendo Wii online.

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Melba and the Half Orange

There are places that through out our lives simply attract and make us want to go back, or at least when ever we find ourselves in the city in hotel internet they are located in, almost as if a visit to that particular city would not be complete without a stop over at that special corner. In what has been my life up and till this point there have been several such locales through out the world which I would gladly go back to; one of them being the "La Media Naranja" in Lima, Peru.

Of course there have been other places which I could add to this list I have already started with "La Media Naranja" ("The fast internet Orange" when translated in to English) such as "San Lorenzo" in Warsaw, a particular bar (the name of which I never remember, not far from my sister's Parioli apartment) in Rome, "Bar Bonni" in Madrid, an Italian pizzeria in Brooklyn owned by a fellow Italian American and many others were I spent many an hour and dollar on a drink or more. With regards to "The Media Naranja", or "The Half Orange" however this is a place which gets its name from a Spanish expression which I was told means that when a person, be it man or woman; is looking for his or her amorous partner, he or she is looking for his or her half orange. The saying being "I hope you find your half orange", which is actually, though probably as a mere coincidence also repeated in Polish, with identical intentions.

Regarding however the place called the Half Orange, it is located in the part of Lima known as Miraflores and incidentally not far from where terrorists exploded a car bomb back in 92, which this place was spared from any damaging effects. As for the owner or in this case owners; they are a man from Brazil and his Peruvian wife, (whose names I forget) who managed to open this small but charming place, which comes decorated in a way that truly reflects the relaxed Brazilian mood.

From Brazil, one would definitely have to say is the mood of this place as it includes a drink called "pinga" which me a nondrinker at the time did not try but remember because of this word's meaning in Spanish which is not as innocent as the one in Portuguese. I even remember on one occasion, a guy asking the Brazilian owner what a pinga was. This only to be asked if he did not know, which caused faces to turn red as this word really is a Spanish street slang for the male sexual organ but naturally all in good spirits as this customer was explained what kind of drink he would be getting if he in fact ordered a pinga, which he did. Regarding the rest of the menu; it basically limits itself to sandwiches, sodas, natural fruit juices, ice creams, cakes, and other tasty but simple webmail tm net my however this place is special because of the personality of its Brazilian owner.

This Brazilian man who upon many a time did he and I get in to arguments over subjects ranging from politics to football to Formula One, with us agreeing as often as we did not. Naturally, as a Brazilian; he like me was a football fan, who believed Brazilians to be the best in the sport we Italians are now world champions in. I even recall, a day in 92 on which I went to this place, hoarse from shouting after watching a world cup qualifier which Italy, while playing at home barely managed to tie against Switzerland and hearing him tell me that Italy had not done so well. Which of course was true but we did settle that perhaps we should wait to see if Italy and Brazil met again in the next world cup which they did with Italy loosing in the first ever final decided by penalties.

This man from Brazil, was what I would call a nice guy though he was one of those people who thought he knew everything, this a factor which made it hard for someone like me who really does know everything. All leading to our often arguing, though never with anger. We even played chess at times, him being on my level as he was able to beat me in 10 out of 19 games in what was our series which he ended up winning. Apart from football, we also talked about Formula One, with both of us totally agreeing that there was nobody like Ayrton Senna.

The Half Orange perhaps because of its small size did not really lend itself to dancing or parties but I will never forget the day on which the whole Brazilian woman's volleyball team came over to celebrate their qualification to the Barcelona Olympics. This after having beaten Peru's national team 3-0 and with moods high it could not have been anything else for these lovely talented ladies then the "Lambada". This a dance which I had seen performed on TV but never the way I did on that day by these female volley players, who despite being very tall managed to move their bodies with such rhythm, which made me wonder if they danced better then they played their own sport. Out of all these ladies on this team one of them by the name of "Anna Moser" particularly caught my attention; for not only her moves on the makeshift dance floor but the way she handled herself against Peru in their match, in winning the most points for her team. That night, I must say was special, not so much even because I was or would become a volleyball fan afterwards but the way, these Brazilians celebrated with not only the owner but a well known (at least in Peru) female fan who had appeared many times on camera, during their match against Peru. She being much like the famous fan "Manolo" who follows the Spanish National football team; only she did so with the Brazilian women's volleyball team though for my own I only knew her as the sexy one, who happened to be a regular at the Half Orange.

The Half Orange, was a place that had many things that made it different then other places I have taken a liking to; like the Halloween party which took place there. This a gala event which I attended, though not as creatively as its owner who via the help of a cape and make up transformed himself in to Dracula, while others followed suit.

The Half Orange though varied in this sense however was like the rest; in its also having that thing which I believe every place should have. It being the sort of place that gave the sensation of true amity, the moment one stepped in, which can only be created by a friendly atmosphere as the one that existed in the Half Orange. This the thing I sensed by how upset those who I had come to regard as friends were when I told them, first that I had had my camera stolen and that I was going to back to the states.

In this I must confess though that as pleasant as all these things were the real reason I never stopped going to The Half Orange was a young lady by the name of Melba, who worked as a waitress in this most interesting place, which was made beautiful by her. Melba was short, perhaps only152 cm in height with not so long natural jet black hair, and a face that really captured the beauty of her true nature which made her write me one of the loveliest love poems I have ever received telling me her hopes were for more love between us, "Mas amor entre nosotros" as she put it.

Melba, I could say was a girl who was simple in her ways but yet managed to pack a lot enthusiasm in to everything she did and though perhaps ours was not meant to be, she did introduce me to several things. One of them being, Latin music which I had never been a fan of but did develop a certain taste for; after hearing artists like Ricky Martin, Sasha, Locomia, and many others at her almost insistence.

It was also many a time that I went to The Half Orange and waited for Melba to get off work, after which we would go for walks to the beach, though in winter we limited ourselves to just that while in the summer we once went for a swim accompanied by her sister, Ariseli. Ariseli and Melba however despite being sisters did not really resemble each other all that much as Melba though not light skinned had noticeably less dark complexion then her almost Indian sister. Concerning who was the more attractive however; this I would have to say was a toss up between these two sisters, with Ariseli being one year younger at eighteen. As a footnote, I could add that I had never heard before I met Ariseli, of anybody having that as a name nor have I again.

Melba, however out of these two young ladies; whom I would form most intimate bonds with which were not always limited to the plutonic kind , was the one who would not only teach me to enjoy Latin American music in all its aspects that included dancing but raised my social conscious about matters concerning Peru. After which thanks to how much she told me about the poverty I imagine she came from; became interested in taking photographs of shantytowns in Peru. As a matter of fact it was with her in mind that I decided to help my American journalist friend Steven Miller, do a report on the kind of places I heard she lived in.

My intention being to let people see, not only the poverty which was known to all by then but how those people, at the end of it all were just that; human beings. Who as such had hopes and ambitions as did Melba, and were not merely to be treated as cases of charity but as those whose resources as people could be put to better use not only for themselves but society as a whole. I would even teach the basics of English to both Ariseli and Melba, naturally free of charge as in a way I was in love with them though I could never make up my mind between them.

I even remember, once Melba telling me while she and I were walking down the street, hand and hand as we always did that I should do likewise with her sister, who happened to be in our society. I really do not know why she asked this of me; not that I minded holding two lovely ladies; who also did not mind the same, perhaps Melba did not wish her dear sister to get lonely or feel jealous; not that with her looks she would ever need to. It strangely enough after that day set us on course to the kind of relationship known as a "mnage au trios", as Ariseli and I lost our shyness with each other, perhaps what Melba had had in mind all along.

I though at times perhaps did not always respond to Melba the way, I should have which gave her the false impression I might add that I was angry with her but nothing could have been further from the truth, as my life was simply complicated then. This being something I explained, once after I failed to really say much to her, when I visited the Half Orange with Steven Miller, with whom I was discussing the possibility of introducing him to other Americans who were working for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) in Peru.

I would go on to leave Peru at the start of 1993, in a move which unfortunately broke all contact between myself and these two most tender sisters; given that we did not even exchange address. This much to my regret; as I given the cheap flight I found to Miami was left with little time, even for these two who had been very special in my time in Lima. Melba, even making a most favorable impression on my Italian grandmother from Genoa, who would live out her days in Lima, Peru as my sister was there and took her care her till death finally came to her at the century mark.

In conclusion, I would say that I regret having lost contact with not only Melba but her sister Ariseli, for there was something magical in them that if I had been one to settle down; back then would have made me do so with one of them or perhaps both as maybe in them I had found my whole orange as opposed to just half of one.

My name is Gianni Truvianni, I am an author who writes with the simple aim of sharing his ideas, thoughts and so much more of what I am with those who are interested in perhaps reading something new. I also am the author of the book entitled "New York's Opera Society" which is now available on Amazon.

Tanjong Bunga residents are alarmed by inconsistencies in the Penang Structure Plan for their area that could lead to more congestion and construction projects. They claim that, under the previous administration, the diagram in the Plan was unilaterally re-zoned after public display as a high-density ‘Primary Corridor’ whereas the text in the gazetted Plan

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Sony’s New Embedded 3G ‘NetBook’

I guess it was just a matter of time before Sony Streamyx Account its ‘netbook’ offering – though it insists that its new Sony Vaio P is not a netbook. Walter Mossberg reviews it on laptop broadband deals Journal:I love the look and feel and boldness of the design, but can’t recommend this sleek machine for Streamyx Hotline users

PSP might be the most popular game console nowadays for many reasons. Even so, it encounters so many problems and errors. PSP owners who do not know how to fix it might get very frustrated.
Are asus internet radio seeing the error that says, "The game could not be started"? I am sure most of PSP owners have this problem. I know it is very depressing. Did you see the error codes of either 80010002 or 80020148? If yes then I think I found simple methods that may work well for you.

You can fix your PSP problems by following these steps

1. Go to Recovery Menu, turn off then hold R button and turn on again.

2. Go to Configuration to disable the option Use NO-UMD.

3. Go all the way back to main menu.

4. Go to Advanced / Advanced Configuration.

5. Disable all of them.

I am aware that there are many more errors that you could possibly experience.
The best option is bring your Portable Play-station to the retail store where you bought it and ask them to fix it (only recommended when you still have the warranty).
Second is to contact Sony and ask them how to fix your PSP errors.
The third possible solution is to get help from your friends, searching through internet, or ask professional helps.

Some of your PSP errors might happen because you have the wrong version of the firmware. Sometimes you would need to downgrade or upgrade your PSP.

I have listed all the error codes and the problems on my website, please visit PSP Errors - The Game could not be started for more information.

Leonard Jones is a game fanatics and now he is a PSP enthusiast. He is now an expert in hacking and repairing PSP. Check out his recommendation at Experts Help to fix PSP Errors and Download Unlimited contents for your PSP.

Internet Marketing for Attorneys - The Brief For Attorneys

What exactly does Internet marketing mean and how does it apply to attorneys?
Generally, Internet marketing involves information management, public relations, sales and customer service. Attorneys can use the Internet to sell their services to business and private clients as well as provide a platform for client service management.

Sales to individuals

For attorneys who focus on individual clients, the Internet and search engines can be used to drive traffic to a law firms website. This can be done in a variety of ways, however the most common business models now used include search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, newsletters, press releases and blogs.

Organic?Search Engine Optimization

This method is attempting to drive traffic to your website by being a highly ranked result for a given keyword. In the crowded world of attorneys, this can be very difficult to top 10 internet security without paying (see below: Pay per Click Advertising). Generally, the methods used to improve a sites ranking among the search results tm net my mail Keywords in the title tag, keywords in links pointing to the page, keywords appearing in visible text, and link popularity. Keyword laden pages that provide quality and informative content for broadband connection are often used as a method to enhance a sites search engine rankings. This can be done on the primary site or by creating blogs that are heavy with a specific law firms advertising.

Pay per Click Advertising

This business model involves paying a search engine or website a certain amount of money each time a user of their site clicks on your ad. The theory is that the ad will have a yield of actual clients and that the cost the law firm pays per click of the ad will be proportional to the value of the business resulting from the ad. The law firms that pay the largest per click price for certain keywords will be featured in a search engines search result. These are the ads you see in blue on the right side of the page when doing a Google search.

Newsletters and Press Releases

Newsletters and press releases can often be used to create interest or a buzz around your legal firm. Content that highlights recent successful business or results can often create a flurry of traffic. Often firms can use professional writers to cast their legal firms successes in a manner that will have broad media appeal.


Blogs offer an interesting business model by providing users with consistently updated content that drives traffic to the website where they will be exposed to valuable information and targeted advertising. This also allows the law firms primary website to be free of the content clutter that is necessary to get a solid stream of traffic. Another strategy is to use multiple blogs to attract site visitors.

Sales to Business and Corporate clients

The methods used to attract businesses involve the same methods as those used to attract individuals. However, to appeal to a potential business customer the attorney must often provide service and convenience superiority. A common way to achieve this is through information management.

Information Management

The internet offers a place for attorneys to collect and disseminate their case information. With permissions and user groups attorneys can allow clients and assistants to upload documents and view the latest updates while closely controlling viewing permissions of those documents. This allows for a robust and customizable access management system in even the most complex case and office situations.

Limitations of Internet Marketing

Slow internet connections and servers can create business problems. If the company builds an overly large website it may create a problem - This is why blogs are often used to drive visitors. Also, the internet will never replace the warmth and personal touch derived from a face to face visit. Even with video phone and voice over IP, there is little that can replace the face to face meeting. However, internet marketing can be a great place for lawyers to get contacts to make those meetings a reality.

Robert Melillo, President, GM Sales & Marketing, White Hat Marketing, LLC ( focuses on maximizing the return on investment in advertising, marketing, Internet marketing and search engine optimization.